Welcome to Oberin!

Oberin.com is currently under re-development.
If certain features or links do not work, or you feel there is content missing, please wait and perhaps visit the forums to ask questions.

The site has been re-launched as-is in its current state as it gives the Oberin community a new permanent place to communicate.

Everything to do with the re-construction, please visit this Forum Thread

As for Oberin,
If you are new, Welcome!

The original Player Starting Guide will be available soon! I will update this message when it is.

If you have any questions about the game, please feel free to visit the forums and someone from the community will answer your question.

Oberin is a classical MMORPG what was build specifically for the Mac OS. However, since 10.7 (Lion) other methods to play Oberin have come forward.

Oberin will run natively on OS9 -> OSX 10.6, but from 10.7(Lion) onwards, you require emulation.

If you are on Windows or OSX 10.7 or above, please visit the downloads page for the files that you require to play, which is called "SheepShaver"

These emulations are a temporary fix while the production of a new client is under-construction.