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Gwyddeon on 13 hours ago
Fuoco on 2 days ago
Well I guess our Ariki could do with some admin help here!
Charnath on 4 days ago
This place has become untidy.
Fuoco on 4 days ago
To the Rebels: Gimbit has contacted Zee about our forum. Will keep you updated as to developments.
Fuoco on 5 days ago
To Arduis and any Rebel reading this. Looks like the Rebel site has expired. Later today I shall speak to Fixx and then approach Zee via Gimbit to see what can be done.
Oxkicc on 2 weeks ago
Hey, just created an account and I can't download the game client.
When I open the link a "404 error" shows on my screen, any thoughts?
ArduisdeGispard on 2 weeks ago
Okay stupid as I am Ilost my discord password!!!! Any chance that the discord admin sends me a new password so I can join the fray at least for a little catch up on the last gossip etc.? I am pretty busy atm anyways with play testing/developing a wargame (hex and counter) for Brian Train (people playing such games will no the name). AFAIK it´ll be published as a magazine game and the decline was set for Nov. 30th some days ago. So less time than I anticipated, but well I´ll do.
@ Fuoco: Is the Rebels site down? can´t access it via my old bookmark.
Buckner on 2 weeks ago
Go here and scroll to the top of the tech support thread: This link allows anyone to join this server:
Oxkicc on 2 weeks ago
Hey, just created an account and I can't download the game client.
When I open the link a "404 error" shows on my screen, any thoughts?
Shivani on 3 weeks ago
Congrats Daystra! smile
Small party explored the merc cave last night per bank notes. Posted findings on the hunting_party and nihongo channels on discord
Nalnage on 3 weeks ago
Daystra on 3 weeks ago
Got married and had a baby girl tongue so it's a good busy but i have missed my gaming time
Buckner on 3 weeks ago
Hope to see you around! Sorry to hear you are busy.
Daystra on 4 weeks ago
Hey! I've been gone for awhile and very busy frown my computer also died on me, getting a new personal one soon and hoping to play oberin again
Buckner on 4 weeks ago
Bronte posted the same issue on discord.
Palmyra on 4 weeks ago
Greetings Everyone! smile I'm unable to drop items. Blue text log message "you cannot drop that here". Anyone else having same experience?
Hayate on 4 weeks ago
I can not drop an item.
Fuoco on 4 weeks ago
Hello brother and happy to see you back! I notice you are registered on Discord - can I suggest you go to the Tech Support there? Hpe to see you in game soon. Full Fighting Moon is about to commence!
ArduisdeGispard on 4 weeks ago
Hi folks, I am still alive and after a stressful year (work ruins the whole day wink) I try to come back. Any way to run Obie on OS Sierra (10.12.3): there was something on the Rebels homepage, but it seems to be gone. Any links, comments etc. welcomed. Greetings to all Rebels and friends alike smile
Cleric_Rosie on 1 month ago
To Hayate: Not sure what is happening with the festival, but strange things are happening in Andris!
Cleric_Rosie on 1 month ago
Very sorry to hear that, Kilex!
Kilex on 1 month ago
Hello again! Just chiming in. Logged back in to Oberin and sad to see no one there... explored, got a bunch of crystals and then died, respawned, died again and I ended up at the portal in the forest as a ghost... oh well!
Hayate on 1 month ago
Will the festival be held?
Rivvyre on 1 month ago
tackky Jackky the troll cheesey
Hayate on 2 months ago
Locked chest in Mirith cemetery.
I can't open.
Rivvyre on 2 months ago
Correct Fuoco, OS X 10.6.8 is last to run Obie native. 10.7 'n up will need emulation. Aerowyn,If u r running 10.5.8, Obie should run for U... or is it Discord that is not working ? If so, U might hav a Browser problem, U might PM Satyricon for info on his set up
Fuoco on 2 months ago
Hello Aerowyn - according to what I have just read in the forum, it is Snow Leopard, 10.6.8., but somewhere on Discord Saty indicated that 10.5.something was the most stable in terms of crashes - will have to go find the statement...
Aerowyn on 2 months ago
ah thanks Rivvyre... turns out it doesn't like my OS which is 10.5.8 What is the latest OS version that oberin runs natively on?
Rivvyre on 2 months ago
Aerowyn, try will need 'n e-mail an password, clik register, then need user name, will ask u to agree to ToS... U don't hav to DL whole app for basic use, should work thru browser, look for Oberin 'servers'... prolly join both... 'official' 1 has channel w/ pinned links for DLs
Aerowyn on 2 months ago
Discord links below seem to lead me to a discord channel screen that says: this is an unclaimed account. end of story... is that strange and peculiar to me?.. or is discord a little trickier to sign up for than that?